Chapli Kabab Recipe

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Preparation time
17 mins
Cooking time
19 mins
5 people
Meal course
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1 KG
Beef Mince
2 Table Spoon
coriander seeds
3 Table Spoon
Gram Flour
2 Table Spoon
Pomegranate seeds
1 Table Spoon
Turmeric Powder
2 Table Spoon
Red pepper
1 Table Spoon
All Spice Powder
2 Medium
1 As Required
Salt | نمک حسب ذائقہ
5 Medium
Green Chilies
2 Small
1 Medium
1 Bunch
Coriander leaves
2 Cup
2 Table Spoon
White butter
Chapli Kabab Recipe

Chapli Kabab is mouth watering chopped meat kebab with simple spices. It is motley served on events like of Ramadan and EID dinner or lunch. Mostly severed with ketchup, chatni or raita. Its spicy and delicious recipe.

Today the recipe we are sharing is unique and tasty in Urdu and English with video.

Video Recipe of Chapli Kabab in URDU (2nd Recipe)

 Video by FAIZA

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Ingredients in English

Method is given Bellow.




  1. Put mince meat in a bowl or pan and then mix all other ingredients like (crushed coriander, pomegranate seeds etc) with the meat.
  2. Mix well so that mince becomes softer and easy to shape.
  3. Finely chop tomatoes, onion, green chilies and coriander leaves.
  4. Add vegetables in the mince mixture.
  5. Add egg and butter.
  6. Mix very well.
  7. Form large patties with the mince mixture.
  8. Fry it in a large grill until golden brown.

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