• Sami submitted a new recipe, Chicken Karahi Recipe By Chef Zakir | Tasty and Loving 1 month ago

    Chicken Karahi – Chicken karahi’s are very popular in Pakistan, India and Asian Countries and easily make, even within 30 to 40 minutes, Treat your lunch or dinner with this tasty chicken karahi recipe by chef […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, PRAWN SHASHLIK RECIPE BY SHIREEN ANWAR 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Get a special treat for sea food lovers in shape of Prawn Shashlik. People who don’t eat prawns can prepare this Shashlik. The other recipe is salad raita; the combination of two things.
    INGREDIENTS for Prawn […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Fry Chana Dal Recipe 3 months, 1 week ago

    Fry Chana Dal recipe by Rida Aftab is to be deliciously cooked at live cooking show on Masala TV only. For more special recipes, Keep visiting .
    Ingredients of Chana Dal Recipe

    1 KGBengal […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Cold Pasta Salad 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Great for brunch, luncheons, or whatever. Easy and quick to make. I find that this salad is always popular at get-together and usually disappears rather quickly.

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, American Burgers 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Follow this easy recipe and make an ultimate taste of burger – Best Ever American Burgers as name suggests it must have something different in it.
    Video Recipe
    by Juicy Lucys

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Donut Kabab 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    I was browsing for some nice and tasty recipe and here I have found a unique and tasty recipe of Donut Kabab .

    I am all happy and glad to access this Recipe by Shireen Anwar.
    Video Recipe of Donut Kabab 2nd R […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Beijing Chicken Recipe 7 months ago

    Video Recipe

  • Sami changed their profile picture 7 months, 3 weeks ago

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Chicken Egg Rolls | چکن ایگ رول 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Chicken Egg Rolls are simply awesome as it contain all the ingredients of egg fried rice that are eggs, capsicum, Chinese salt, black pepper, red pepper which make these utterly flavorsome. Such a tasty dish truly […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Chicken Bites | چکن بائٹس 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Prepare some easy, quick and tasty sanck in Iftar time. Finger licking Chicken Bites taste perfect with ketchup. Make this delicious recipe to please your family. It also serve in tea time.
    اس باررمضان پکوان میں […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Chinese Pakoray |چائنیز پکوڑے 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    We are presenting the Chinese Pakoray Recipe in Urdu to spread the awesome cooking recipes so the huge Urdu speaking population will understand the Chinese Pakoray recipe easily

    Chinese Pakoray is a nice […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Chicken Pot Pie Sandwich 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    Today we are going to share the recipe of  Chicken Pot Pie Sandwich which make you earn respect among your family members.

    You can make this dish for lunch or dinner and also in Ramadan Iftar.
    Ingredients of […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Russian Salad 1 year ago

    This delicious salad is made using cabbage, carrot, potato, peas, cucumber, apple, pineapple with mayonnaise and cream to create a warm, healthy and satisfying meal. Topping of raisin make this is one tasty salad […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Great steaks using fry,grill,roast method 1 year ago

    Three basic ways to cook steak are…
    #1…You can fry it.
    #2…You can oven roast it the way they do in restaurants.
    #3…You can grill it.

    5 Tips for Cooking a Great Steak:

    Decide before you start cooking on […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, KFC ZInger Burger 1 year ago

    Last night I tried these burgers and they are same as KFC. I want to share this recipe with you all. Try it and do give your comments by chef zakir

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Pizza without oven 1 year ago

    Pizza is one of the most desirable fast food of present era especially kids love to eat cheesy pizza but do you know, how to make Pizza at home without oven? Well, Chef Rahat made a crisp, puffy and tender-chewy […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Rasmalai 1 year ago

    when i made rasgullas, i also made rasmalai with some of them. you can also get store brought rasgullas to make rasmalai. this recipe is not a quick one made with condensed milk, but the traditional way made with […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Chocolate cake 1 year ago

    1. Heat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour two 9-inch round baking pans.

    2. Stir together sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in large bowl. Add eggs, milk, oil and vanilla; beat on […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Chicken Pakora 1 year ago

    Chicken Pakora Recipe is an amazing chicken fritters made using boneless chicken and chickpea flour/besan. These chicken pakora are an absolute delight to have it as an evening tea time snacks.
    Ingredients […]

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