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  • 100 Greatest Cooking Tips (of аll time!)
    Check Out All оf thе Handwritten Tips frоm Food Network Chefs

    1. Remember Cooking Tips, y’all, it’s аll аbоut thе prep. Tаkе аwау thе stress bу dоіng thе prep thе night […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Bhindi Recipe (Okra Fry) 1 week, 1 day ago

    Today we are sharing a very basic and tasty recipe and that is Bhindi Recipe (Ladyfinger recipe or Okra recipe).

    It is very famous and too much liked in every continent of the world, so follow our master […]

  • Today we are sharing the top 10 Pakistani Food recipes list, that everyone should know how to cook at home, these recipes are of famous chefs, follow each step to get the restaurant style taste at your home. If […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Chicken Haleem Recipe 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    Chicken Haleem Recipe is a famous world food mostly in India and Pakistan. It’s not a seasonal food. People prepare it during ramzan (Ramdan) season and in ordinary days also at home.

    Chicken Haleem’s taste is […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Chapli Kabab Recipe 1 month ago

    Chapli Kabab is mouth watering chopped meat kebab with simple spices. It is motley served on events like of Ramadan and EID dinner or lunch. Mostly severed with ketchup, chatni or raita. Its spicy and delicious […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Spicy Chicken Pizza 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Spicy Chicken Pizza is very easy to cook at home today we are sharing such an easy recipe of Spicy Chicken Pizza.

    So that you can enjoy recipe at home with all your family. We share a step by step chicken pizza […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Chicken Jalfrezi is a famous and delicious Pakistani recipe. It is soft hot chicken curry recipe, richly flavored with capsicum and onion.

    You can enjoy its best taste with rice, Paratha as wel as with chapatti […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Gajar Ka Halwa is the most popular dessert in Asia mostly in Pakistan and India, so today we are sharing two very easy recipes of Gajar Ka Halwa, it’s very delicious with khoya in winter sessions.
    One recipe is i […]

  • Sami submitted a new recipe, Matar Keema Recipe 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Matar Keema is very popular all over the world, today we are sharing with you the recipe of cooking Matar Keema.

    Matar (Pea) is an excellent vegetable, it can be used in Russian Salad, with mince, and also […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Tuna Fish Cutlets 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Here we are sharing a recipe for making Tuna Fish cutlets using Canned Tuna Fish.

    Normally, as we know cutlets are deep fried in oil, but not in this case, in this recipe, I pan fried the cutlets and it turned […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Kadhi Pakora Recipe 2 months ago

    Kadhi recipe is a Hyderabdi Style of making Dahi or Lassi ki kadhi which is made by using dahi/yogurt or Lassi and mixing chick pea flour (Besan) into it.
    Primarily two ingredients are involved in Kadhi Pakora […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Chana Chaat Recipe – Full of Taste and Love 2 months ago

    chana chaat is a spicy potato and chickpea snack famous in mostly in Asian Countries and the peoples of Pakistan and India Like its most. we are sharing two recipes of chana chaat both in English, Urdu and Hindi […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Al Baik Broast Chicken Recipe (البيك) – every one should know and try at home 2 months, 1 week ago

    Al Baik Broast Chicken
    Al Baik Broast Chicken is Al Baik product and Al Baik is the most popular fast food chain outlets in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with broast chicken, chicken nuggets and fish nuggets being the […]

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Chicken Shawarma Recipe | Try at your special lovely home 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Chicken Shawarma recipe details
    Chicken Shawarma recipe by chief Zubaida Aapan is most special and easy to cook at home.

    Awesome Chicken Shawarma served in most Lebanese restaurants. Can be served with Tahini […]

  • Basic Life Saving Skills Everyone Know with  Picture view

    Video of Basic Life Saving Skills

  • Hamara Khana submitted a new recipe, Almond Halwa Recipe (full recipe with steps and video) 3 months, 1 week ago

    Almond Halwa Recipe
    Everyone know the benefits of almond. This dessert halwa recipe that is made with almonds, a special winter treat. Serve tasty dessert almond halwa to your family.
    بادام کا پ […]

  • موسم سرما کی سوغات ، کشمیری چائے ، فوائد اور ترکیب
    Kashmiri Tea Recipe
    کہتے ہیں ’’ چائے اور کافی کا کوئی موسم نہیں ہوتا بلکہ اسے پینے کو جب دل چاہے تو بس وہی چائے کا موسم ہے ‘‘۔ تاہم موسم سرما اور چائے لازم و […]

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